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    Let's take this.

    Suppose a guy is having trouble about how he feels when he has sex with his (female) lover/spouse.  I know that  a lot of guys would feel very uncomfortable talking about this in a group that included women, and would also feel uncomfortable talking about it among friends.  

    Or, more generally and more politically, suppose a guy  wants to talk about what a guy is supposed to be like in today's society?  It's one heck of a confusing role, with all sorts of clashing demands.

    Do we have most of the power? Well, duh. yeah.  Does that mean we have no concerns that are unique to us? No, I don't think so.

    Now up: The cult of mastery Friday: WAYR? History, politics

    by plf515 on Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 05:06:21 PM PDT

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      tryptamine, plf515, jessical really depends on why the guys are getting together and what they are doing there.  That old-boys network thing is a tough nut to crack.

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        tryptamine, rserven, plf515

        how can I not rec that title :}

        Since I'm a wiccan sort of atheist, I can actually say that my own religious/spiritual frame relies in many cases on gendered ritual.  This makes me (a) cautious of how I'm included or excluded from that ritual  -- this is often closely held, private stuff, and I have no interest in being where I'm not wanted...and (b) inclined to be very open and interested in how people pursue intra-gender type dialog, and think it serves specific, important purposes.  And, that said, none of this is as important to me as the preop chica with her black eyes calling for a shelter to take her.  So I'm inclined to argue this in a very specific way, to defend public inclusion and also put limits on that defense, ideally ones which people can understand, support, and build consensus around...

        Blah blah...gotta finish this little project in the other window now lol...

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