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  •  the national guard being abroad in particular (15+ / 0-)

    is disturbing, since they are officially the only military forces under the control of the state governors. if you can't get governors to just sign over authority completely (e.g. blanco and the LA NG after katrina), just send them all abroad and refuse to bring them back.

    surf putah, your friendly neighborhood central valley samizdat

    by wu ming on Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 07:27:23 PM PDT

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    •  Au Contraire mon frere... (10+ / 0-)

      Do a google search for "State defense forces".

      26 States of the Union maintain them in addition to their guard contingents which are Federal forces on loan to the governor by the by.

      California maintains a TOE for a mechanized infantry division with an attached armored brigade and per the regs under which such forces are organized that means somewhere in Cali is the equipment FOR them.  

      And that is only California, New York maintains not only an army militia but also a naval and marine one as well; though I have not been able to find hard data on their TOE, it could be presumed that if the need arose they could field at least two combat brigades.

      And those forces only answer to the Governors....

      •  both good points ! (3+ / 0-)
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        GreyHawk, Cory Bantic, kraant

        socialist democratic pragmatic idealist with a small d.

        by shpilk on Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 09:07:05 PM PDT

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      •  interesting (3+ / 0-)
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        corvo, kraant, yoduuuh do or do not

        thanks for the info. with ahnult as my governor, i'm not sure whether that makes me feel more or less assured, but it's good to know all the same.

        surf putah, your friendly neighborhood central valley samizdat

        by wu ming on Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 09:47:40 PM PDT

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        •  Now here is something that will possibly push you (7+ / 0-)

          into the "less" assured part....

          If you are a male legal resident of the United States between the ages of 16 and 65 or a woman with prior military experience between a range of ages that escapes me at the moment; you can be called up.

          All the governor has to do is call up the unorganized militia and each and every mother luvin' male is required by law to show up, and they had better be carrying their rifle.

          Now that last part gets a bit tricky for me to understand from a legal stand point.  The laws have been altered a few times since the first militia act was passed and some of the aspects of the various ones may or may not have been altered by preceding ones.

          But at one time you were legally required to contact your State militia coordinator and find out what the States official "long" arm was and then purchase it.

          California had back when I lived there just switched to the M-14 as the "official" rifle and you could purchase a used one from Federal stocks for about $20.  But that is if you were a member of the organized militia.

          As I said the being able to call up the unorganized militia is where my brain gets bruised:  The governor can do it, but the militia act of '40 requires that all members of the militia be trained by the Federal government....  So there is a potential catch 22 in there.

      •  but but (1+ / 0-)
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        what about the Coast Guard?

        Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will... abdicate [to] his image [which is] much more powerful than he could ever be. -McLuhan

        by stonemason on Thu Jul 26, 2007 at 07:07:17 AM PDT

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    •  Pardon no link, but late last year (7+ / 0-)

      legislation taking away governors' powers to control callup and placement of state national guard personnel was enacted. Their power to control the use of their own forces was cancelled. A contingent of 50 state governors was not sufficient to reverse this.

      I believe Major Danby wrote a diary outlining this legislation. The advantage to this administration: being able to place more loyal troops from some out-of-state location in an area holding different political views, reducing any possible empathy with protesters.

      •  There were many. Here's one. (0+ / 0-)

        Try here

        Eisenhower- "We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage."

        by NC Dem on Thu Jul 26, 2007 at 07:42:28 AM PDT

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