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  •  You could say FDR was first netroots responsive. (9+ / 0-)

    He was from one of the richest families in the country when he got polio at 42.  He illustrated that private money was no solution.  His family money could not buy adequate research and development for what was becoming a major health problem.  In 1928, there were 16,000 cases in New York alone.

    He and Eleanor tried to collect charity money to fund research and development for his foundation that he established.  He spent his inheritance buying and developing Warm Springs.  They got very little help from their rich acquaintences.

    When he became president he used his bully pulpit to start the march of dimes.  He said a dime was money for everyone.  Everyone carried one in their pocket.  If everyone sent one dime they could research and prevent and cure polio as people which obviously was not going to be done otherwise.  The WH was inundulated with dimes.  He view proved to be successful.  Prior to that the rich stayed away from the masses to prevent the disease nothing else was known except it was contagious.

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