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View Diary: Dominionism's "parallel economy", part 4: Dominionist social services (51 comments)

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  •  IIRC, it's not exorcism, but "spiritual warfare" (8+ / 0-)

    A family friend is a spiritual warfare counselor.  At a family party once, she started talking about it and mentioned that she had really seen the demons.  It bears noting that this person wasn't a white trash snake handler or Guatemalan chicken-sacrificing pentecostal.  She's a white, upper middle class, pleasant woman, as white bread as they come.  

    Also IIRC, I think a lot of this gibberish was really kickstarted by christianist author Frank Peretti.

    •  *nods* (9+ / 0-)

      Yes, "spiritual warfare" is the term that dominionists use internally, but it's basically neopentecostal exorcism and "naming and claiming" things and "territory".  (The concept is a bit broader than mere exorcism--in general, they use "Deliverance Services" as a euphemism for that.)

      Frank Peretti was influential, yes, but the concept was around long before he was; aspects are in fact tracable to the very beginnings of the "Assemblies family" of churches (Aimee Semple McPherson infamously declared a Democratic candidate in league with Satan in one of her radio programs in the 30's) and most of the "name it and claim it" guys have promoted this stuff even pre-WW II (William F. Branham, Charles Fox Parnham, folks like that).

      One of the parties that popularised the concept in the Assemblies in particular is Paul Yonggi Cho--whom almost nobody outside of dominionist circles has heard of, but whom has been incredibly influential in promoting this stuff in the Assemblies.

      Frank Peretti is probably better described as the first guy who wrote fiction surrounding this stuff--essentially opening the way for what I refer to as "dominionist fanfiction" in the vein of "Left Behind" et al.  (I'll be reporting on this in my next post or two on dominionist media.)

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