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View Diary: Dominionism's "parallel economy", part 4: Dominionist social services (51 comments)

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  •  Surprisingly common problem (5+ / 0-)

    This is actually a very common problem--it doesn't help, either, when dominionist groups tend to use names very similar to legit groups (like American College of Pediatricians vs American Academy of Pediatrics)--there's a few dominionist groups into "de-gaying" that are starting to pull this sort of deal too.

    It also does not help when dominionists tend to call themselves in terms that sound very much like a legit professional to people who are not aware of the actual rules regarding professional certification.  (One of the biggies here is referring to themselves as "mental health counselors"--which is NOT a legally certified profession, but sounds confusingly like "mental health professional" to people who don't realise that real mental health professionals have conditions that essentially disqualify blatant dominionist practice in the doctor's office.)

    In a way, this particular scam is very similar to a problem that's been ongoing for years in the dominionist community (and which I'll be doing a separate segment on)--there is a very severe problem in the dominionist community with not only diploma mills but outright accreditation mills--kids going to "Bible colleges" have been burned very badly when finding their credits will NOT transfer because their school is unaccredited.

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