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    ...I love your take :}  

    I think I do know some of the why...transsexual women sometimes do transition without really looking hard at priviledge, or -- more commonly I think by far -- without the tools to even understand what priviledge is, much less that they've kissed it off.  In a way, it's being pushed in at the deep end :}  Others start sophisticated and get more so.  My own take is more along the lines of -- yes of course trans women are a little more work, in the way that including any alienated and excluded subgroup = more work.  There are, as with any inclusion, payoffs.  We work real hard and will generally do almost anything to feel like we belong somewhere, if nothing else :)  

    The other thing that modulates my take is the fact trans women turn out to be all sorts of people, just like non-trans women...some of us want nothing more than to vote for Bush and take kids to soccer.  Oddly -- having gone through this process -- I'm relatively sympathetic to that, albeit I will not be issuing dinner invitiations to anyone like that.  

    In the US, I think this will resolve itself within a generation as the old guard die off.  In places like AU and even Canada, the hardline second wave rhetoric can be really narsty on a much larger scale.

    •  I was slogging around the InterWeb... (3+ / 0-)
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      ...a little earlier looking for some links and happened across some discussions I will be returning to read this weekend.  I ended up at  Since I have been away from "the community" for 7 years, I need to do some reading and I am.  It is apparent that the problems seem to be evaporating with younger women.

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