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    they're just working with different frames than you (and I) are. For example, you wrote "why women can't see that it can suck even more to be a transwoman" -- well, they may perfectly willing to admit that -- but just unwilling to admit that it has any relation whatsoever to their own experiences as a born-and-identified-as such-since-birth woman. It seems to me that there are often strong currents of both biological essentialism and (oh, what's it called, I'm having a bad brain day) an acceptance and prioritizing of culturally-imposed self-image as opposed to privileging (trusting) self-emergent awareness. Wow, that was clear.

    Plus, there's often several layers of fear to deal with. Identity-challenge is tough, especially if you've grown up knowing that you aren't a 'real' woman and will never be a 'real' woman -- where 'real' = straight -- plus, of course, no woman is a 'real' human (default=male) -- so people who do understand themselves to be real women, in bodies which somehow got the gene expression thing wrong and look male, are an existential threat.

    Also, lesbians are people just like everyone else. Some of us are going to stick with the cultural assumptions (bigotries) we grew up with, even as we demand that others reject the bigotries that personally affect us. Same goes for every minority/disempowered group there is. Every now and then, I feel the odd impulse to stand up and shout "I have the right to be a bigoted jackass too!" Heh.

    It's the Sausage Grinder of Snark: the Daily Show/Colbert Report spoiler (and chat) thread, Live at 11.

    by TiaRachel on Fri Jul 27, 2007 at 03:50:07 PM PDT

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