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    How would you know how many transgendered people you meet unless they tell you?

    Here's my anecdote:
    I'm an engineer which means I have always been surrounded at school and work by men.  Most of my best friends are men, but every so often, I will meet a woman and will feel a powerful sisterhood sort of bond.  When I interviewed for a job at my company, there was only one other woman engineer there, call her XXX, and I felt such a bond.  I was really disappointed to find out that she was leaving the company and the country shortly after my interview.  By the time I started working there, she was gone, but there was another woman I ended up teamed with.  She was fine, but I didn't feel that instant connection with her as a woman.  Fast forward a few months and I came across some puzzling notations in some code XXX had written but some versions had someone else's name on them (same last name, different first name).  So I asked my office mate what was up and she said, "Oh, you know XXX used to be a man, right?"  

    Well, I was stunned, because, like I said, she seemed so feminine when I met her.  Not girly, but something that describes more the core of her being.  I told this story to my parents (who are sociologists) and I still remember the look on their faces of "how did we raise such an idiot child?"  "Of course she would strike you as remarkably feminine," they explained, "that's what being transgendered means.  It means your true identity is of a given gender but biologically you are trapped in the wrong body."  Well, duh, I knew that.  But I didn't know that until that point.  

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    by sarahnity on Fri Jul 27, 2007 at 05:19:23 PM PDT

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