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View Diary: Lowe's pulls advertising from O'Reilly show (370 comments)

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  •  This will be an uphill battle (0+ / 0-)

    This may make us feel better, but it will be difficult.    It's about reaching the audience they feel will buy their products.   If Bill-O's audience matches their target audience, they will advertise there no matter what we say.  

    However, the only thing companies really hate is controversy.  That's why JetBlue pulled out of our thing.  They've been mired in controversy about their service during the past year and so they are particularly sensitive. They obviously made a judgement that Bill-O's target market was more important than this one.   Which I can't imagine is a good business decision.  Jet Blue's brand seems more friendly to progressives than wingnuts.   So I don't understand why they did it.  

    Our only real weapon in this fight is to make advertising on Bill-O controversial.   I think that's a tall order, but could be achieved with a large effort.  But everyone on the site has to help and all their friends need to help.  It will take more than the 5000 signed up on Fox Attacks.  So make it controversial folks!!  

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