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View Diary: Was Pat Tillman killed on Cheney's or Rumsfeld's orders? (129 comments)

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  •  Many thanks for taking the time to 'splain this. (1+ / 0-)
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    I came across something else in another diary and if you don't have time to answer this, of course, I understand.  This is something I am trying to understand because it doesn't look right to me.  If you (or anyone else,) have the time to offer comments, I would appreciate it.:

    • the diarist wrote a diary, signed someone else's name at the end of the diary (a published author,) without any links or quotes? That doesn't seem right to me.
    • Then I discovered that he had already posted the entirety of his diary in another blog and had simply cross-posted without acknowledging that he had done so.  And looking in his past diaries, he did the same thing, at the same time, using the crosspost as a "Source" which of course, it was not, since he had just posted the same material?

    Here is a link to my comments re the diary.  Of course, I may be wrong re. my conclusions and assumptions but am trying to learn more re. the rules of the road on the Net.  

    These issues discussed in my posting

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