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  •  This shouldn't become and off topic debate, but (0+ / 0-)

    it is something with environmental impact and also part of our national technology stance in which there seems to be great reluctance to accept new technology, particularly if it is used, worse developed, by "those damn foreigners" as some have told me.

    In doing some quick research on your question I ran across several sites that seemed to almost take a political stance on this. Kind of a "freedom fries" vs. "French fries" attitude. I was once told that it is best to buy "American technology" instead of "one of those "European things." By the way, our local Home Depot and Lowes almost hide the things and one "plumbing expert" (didn't know what a flapper valve might be) told me they couldn't heat water very hot. Oh yes they will!

    Before buying be sure to do your own research as to application to local conditions. I'm not pushing the Bosch, it is just the one I have some familiarity with over the last five years or so. See their FAQ and by all means research others. The answer they give is in line with other manufacturers and independent groups I've seen--it also fits with my limited knowledge of the physics of the thing:

    Q.  What if I have very hard water?

    A.  Since tankless water heaters do not store hot water, minerals have less of an opportunity to settle out of the water column and build up inside the heat exchanger. Additionally, the flow of hot water through the coiled heat exchanger flushes the product each time hot water is used. The use of a water softener is fine with a tankless water heater, and is recommended if you commonly experience hard water problems in your home.

    If hard water builds up in any pipe I expect the same to apply here. The fact that the water being heated is actively flowing at whatever rate your tap is allowing indicates to me this is less a problem than some tank advocates make it to be.

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