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View Diary: Perjury indictment may be the LEAST of Gonzo's problems (221 comments)

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  •  We'll need to fix the DoJ and the Courts (1+ / 0-)
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    True North

    They have gotten away with this stuff so far because the DoJ leadership and the Federal Courts are in league with them.

    The first order of business for a Democratic Administration should be a purge of political appointees in the DoJ, unless they can prove their integrity. By integrity, I don't mean "progressive" vs. "conservative" credentials. I mean that they put the law above politics, period.

    I would rather have a DoJ that fairly reflects the broad middle of legal opinion, from the moderate right to the moderate left, than any ideologically-driven Department. That's the way to hold onto those we manage to persuade, and turn them from temporary to permanent allies.

    The Judiciary is another matter. We need to start shaping public opinion toward a visceral distaste for biased justice. Talking about the consistent pro-business bias in the lower Federal courts will bring home the idea that money buys justice. Most people, whether progressive or honestly conservative, simply dislike that. We have to make them hate it.

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