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View Diary: Perjury indictment may be the LEAST of Gonzo's problems (221 comments)

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  •  "oppress" - is interesting but vague (0+ / 0-)

    use of homeland security aparatus? police?  FBI?  What other mechanisms were used to intimidate or oppress people from voting, or registering to vote, in different states.  I would imagine this would not be limited only to the Caging activity...  How about politicizing prosecution for voter fraud. But caging is the best documented so far.

    •  Laws are deliberately designed.... (0+ / 0-) target specific and unambiguous actions.  When they can be vagued up to cover a lot of ground, then an appeals court will usually declare them as unconstitutional.

      These laws are very clearly targeted at confrontational actions that are designed to instill fear in the voter.

      Caging is a sneak way of disenfranchising someone, without confronting them.

      -5.75 -4.72 3.14159 2.71828

      by xynz on Mon Jul 30, 2007 at 04:06:24 AM PDT

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