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  •  Actually, attacking the GOP via 2008 elections (5+ / 0-)
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    is how to get action NOW on ending the war.  The idea is to intimidate and attack appeasers of Bush's endless war so that they flip their votes.  Frankly, I think it's pretty damned clever.  We need to peel off those votes to get to 60 (filibuster proof) and then 67 (veto proof), or maybe close enough to finally, finally get the pressure needed on the president from his own party to withdraw.  This is democracy and we live in a republic -- we can't change the president until 2009, so we have to use the tools we have to stop this war now.  I can tell you that in my neck of the woods (outside Dem activist circles), I don't hear calls for impeachment.  They just want to run out the clock on this president, who everyone agrees is a really, really bad president.

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