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  •  JK's original Roadblock Repubs diary (5/2/07)... (4+ / 0-)

    Couldn't resist reposting this snippet, the rest of the diary and its many replies are quite interesting to re-read now...

    "We’re targeting four Senators with this at first. The first three I’ll mention are already top races for 2006. Those are Senators Coleman, Sununu, and Collins, all from states that voted for me in 2004 and want change in Iraq today. But our fourth might be the most important of all: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The other three are great targets, but going after McConnell is getting to the heart of the matter. McConnell has been a bulwark of the GOP leadership and if we can distract, or even defeat him, with a tough electoral challenge in 2008, we'll send a clear message that – just as Jim Webb defeated the supposedly undefeatable George Allen -- no Senator is safe if they defend a broken policy rather than stand for change."

    (FYI, the fund-thine-enemies pressure tactic can be effective -- Collins switched over to the light side of the force and voted for the Levin-Reed amendment...)

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