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View Diary: Rove's Office, a dead Arkansas AUSA and Bud Cummins (129 comments)

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  •  or vice versa (7+ / 0-)

    blackmailing Rove with inside knowledge of the real reason they didn't like Bud, or the threats he got about "voter fraud" or the requests for dirt on Hillary...

    while we're speculatin'

    •  It wasn't that they "didn't like Bud" (5+ / 0-)

      I don't think so anyway.  It was more a matter of getting Griffin in place to most effectively slander HRC.

      I don't think there was blackmail involved - not blackmail per se.  I think they rewarded Ms. Cherry so that she clearly understood that it pays handsomely to be a loyal bushie.  

      Ms. Cherry's plum job was a reward and insurance for future loyalty.  And she was probably also sent there to keep an eye on that troublesome, loud mouth scientist who insisted on talking about global warming.


      •  Another Angle (7+ / 0-)

        For another day, is to examine an Assistant US Attorney in the ED-Arkansas named Bob Govar.

        Govar was until recently the #3 in that office -- but had to be demoted because he sent a threatening e-mail to a Florida newspaper editor after that editor exposed Govar's use of Arkansas prison labor gratis on his house.

        Govar used is DOJ e-mail to threaten government retaliation.  It was wholly inappropriate.  Tim Griffin had to demote him.

        Govar's real claim to fame, though, is that he is a Clinton-hater.  He seems to have worked with Bill in the late 70's in the Arkansas State Attorney General's Office.  Since that time, but especially in the 90's, Govar was a Clinton antagonist.  

        I bet Govar has dirt on Bill from the 70's during his tenure as elected Arkansas AG.

      •  Partially disagree about the HRC (6+ / 0-)

        angle, imo that was just icing. Hillary hasn’t lived in Arkansas for 20 years, rarely visits (before this campaign), and has few roots there. That horse has been kicked dead.

        If they stumbled on something they’d use it, no doubt, but there was much more to this than Hillary. Cummins was engaged in the investigation of the Missouri governor, to start. Further, Griffin could be counted on to assist in corruption of the Arkansas elections. The Republicans now have a huge problem in Arkansas, it is almost entirely blue (that is if you consider Lincoln and Pryor Democrats, but I digress). There is a senate race on the horizon which will go to a Democrat if the votes are cast and counted; the situation is almost an emergency.

        Also, the outgoing Governor Huckabee was as corrupt as they make them. It was possible that a real tried an true hack would be needed to prevent referral to an outside AG. Cummins has political aspirations, and if Huckabee’s shit started to stink him, he’d save himself, (as we’ve seen elsewhere). Fortunately, for the Huckster, everyone fell into place; no one will ever know what a lying crook he is, but no one knew it at the time.

        No, it wasn’t Hillary, that’s spin. It also doesn’t help to get to the truth of what they were (are) really up to.

        •  I was just speculatin' (3+ / 0-)
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          peace voter, citizen92, protectedmode

          with the first 3 guesses that came to me. Thanks for your much better informed speculation. My point was mostly that Cherry could have got the plum to keep her silent about what had already happened, rather than to pay her for informing. Griffin should be doing time already.

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