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    When he was the Whitewater Special Persecutor, Ken Starr said that the First Amendment only protects those who are speaking "the truth."

    This is, of course, a ridiculous stance, since who will decide what the "truth" is, and thus what deserves protection?

    Rational people, at the time, looked to Thomas Jefferson, who said, in founding the University of Virginia, "for here we are not afraid to tolerate any error, so long as reason is free to combat it."  The difference today is in the last part, which is no longer true.

    So the Right reverses its earlier expressed belief, when it's convenient; surprise, big whoop.  We all know that, if BushCo is Big Brother, then the Ministry of Truth has been outsourced to Fox.  Hypocrisy is a way of life.

    The question then becomes, has the FCC been advised of this opinion?  What do the commission members have to say about it?

    More generally, this has to be yelled from the mountaintops, to see if any other "news" organization picks this up.  It has long been the case that the First Amendment allows print news to lie.  Now we know that only lies that support corporate profits are constitutionally protected.

    Welcome to 1984.  Nixon and Reagan tried, but they were a little early.

    "A judicious questioning of the obvious may well be a mark of genius." David Lindley

    by Noziglia on Tue Jul 31, 2007 at 08:17:39 AM PDT

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