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View Diary: An entertainment industry perspective on Mike's actions (98 comments)

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  •  This is where I break with Mike Stark (8+ / 0-)

    and the people that support his action against O'Reilly.

    Stark is making himself the story - the same thing unfortunately happened in Virginia last year.

    This entire escapade strikes me as self-serving. I've appreciated much of what Mike Stark has done in the past, but this crosses my line. Inflated perhaps by a false sense of importance, Mike Stark has mistaken cojones for brains.

    At this point in time - on the eve of YearlyKos - this is about the dumbest action imaginable.

    And, to agree with the diarist's larger point about stalking, I too work in the entertainment industry and have had the ocassion of being friends with and working with various celebs only to directly witness how stalkers can become an emotional burden and potential physical danger. O'Reilly will undoubtedly make noise about this and he will be justified... and Mike Stark will post his videos and pix of the encounter and O'Reilly will show them on air. And Mike Stark will make a name for himself... and YearlyKos will be left to clean up the mess.

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