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    It really grates on me that you use "secularist" as a general term for a person that is non-religious.  Maybe my understanding of "secular" is radically wrong, but I've never taken it to be the opposite of religious.  I just take it tom mean that everyone can share a culture and a government based on public reasons.  I presume everyone on your panel thinks that.

    I view the opposite of secularism to be sectarianism.  Using "secular" as an opposite of "religious" is a right-wing frame.  If you are religious and buy that frame you'll reject secularism.  But outside the frames that means more sectarianism.  

    If the fellow on your panel is an atheist then call him/her that.  If he/she is agnostic, use that.  If he/she is "spiritual but nor religious" then use that.    I just don't like the implication that if you are religious you can't be secular.

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