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  •  People sometimes ask why I subscribe to the WSJ (5+ / 0-)

    Most of them have rarely read the news part of that newspaper which is, as MB points out, completely divorced from the editorial section.  It has always astounded me how the op-ed people seemed never to read the rest of their own paper.

    We all complain about the MSM and their allegiances to and fear of right wing retribution.  Over the years, I've found the reporting in the WSJ to have less of that than any other mainstream nationally distributed newspaper.  The late Daniel Pearle was not the only Real Journalist working for the Journal -- the paper has dozens of them and some of their exposes are outstanding. There has been some deterioration recently, but only in the past year or so and that seems to be mostly from newer reporters hired on from other publications.  I fear not for any instant policy changes at WSJ under Murdoch, but for the slower, more insidious degradation that is sure to occur as he manipulates the paper over time and infiltrates it with USA Today staffers, shortcut tactics, pop culture "reportage," and his unquenchable thirst for maximum profitability.  

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