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  •  My FCC Manifesto (0+ / 0-)

    Here are the changes I plan to make when I am appointed head of the FCC.

    All media outlets will provide air time and print space to the candidates. By this rule we hope to achieve a practical degree of campaign reform, by dissallowing the majority of paid campaign ads, and leveling the playing field for all parties.

    We will work together with the IRS to define and identify stealth campaign ads disguised as news. When one of our regulators finds a news story which simply repeats a candidates policy position, that segment will be treated as campaign ad time, and the media outlet will be taxed on the revenue that ad time would have earned.

    Secondly encumbents must play by the same rules. Speeches made to advance policy position and expose the candidate's views for political purposes will be counted against set limits, and if the encumbent goes over those limits, that time will charged against his campaign fund.

    All encumbents are guaranteed a set amount of air time for their constituents.

    Thirdly if any media outlet does a news feature on any corporate product, any movie, soft drink, or the like, they will pay taxes on the equivalent amount of ad time.  

    The task is not as daunting as many believe, the number of media outlets has actually shrunk in the last few years, and many of the features made at the media headquarters are shared with affiliates.
    The decision as to what standards constitute political ad making will be given to a bipartisan panel. The result of their findings will be published weekly, so viewers may discern for themselves how much material they receive is unbiased and ostensibly truthful.

    The measure of media accuracy is a separate matter, and sins of omission will be regarded as well as mistatements of the facts, and outright distortions. Factual errors, made during media coverage which is also defined as a taxable political ad, will carry additional fines, and the threat of limited access to the media.

    "Everything is chrome in the future..." Sponge Bob Square Pants

    by agent double o soul on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 08:31:48 AM PDT

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