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    But 1984 is the cliché for a reason, perhaps because 'Nehemiah Scudder' doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily...

    •  Orwell isn't a "science fiction writer" (0+ / 0-)

      For many years, SF was in a ghetto, and if you pointed out a good novel you thought was in the genre, many people would say, "but that's not science fiction, it's good".  Much of that perception has changed, but at the time Orwell and Heinlein were writing these stories (post-WWII, pre-Vietnam), Orwell was considered serious literature and Heinlein wasn't.  Some of Orwell has stood the test of time; much of Heinlein has improved with age.

      The Cyberpunk world of Max Headroom was largely displaced by the World Wide Web and the adoption of the Apple Macintosh GUI (known as "Windows" to many).  All of a sudden, you didn't need to be a geek to get caught up in a different world.  Neither Orwell nor Heinlein dealt much with computers as social change, but that doesn't stop their future histories from being useful cautionary tales.

      If Bush doesn't allow the 2008 presidential elections -- not likely, but not outside of the bounds of his arrogance -- then "Nehemiah Scudder" will roll off the tongues of many more...

      "What doesn't have credibility today is the truth." -- Bill Moyers, The Daily Show 6/22/05

      by Baron Dave on Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 10:50:17 AM PDT

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