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  •  I'm sorry to hear (4+ / 0-)

    that, that happened. Mine tried to be, well that is until I was no longer subjected to the "do as I say not as I do rule". Then it became "your father is proud of what you managed to do with your life but hates the fact you're a free thinking individual with liberal tendencies, your grandparents better never find out your religion, no one but your mom and sister can know about your sexuality." It all boiled down to liking what I managed to do with my life from a work perspective, not who I was as a person.

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        In a way it's a good thing. I mean I got to see most of the country (came from NY to CA on a greyhound) and while I lived on the streets and went through a lot of crap both physically and mentally I've managed to pull myself up time and again and managed to make a family of my own that's as diverse as I am.

        I had two options, wallow in self pity and self hatred due to where I came from or I could be me and be happy. I took the latter option which made all the difference.

        I learned a lot and learned it a lot earlier than many do (and without therapy) and because of that I am able to carry on. Now I just hope to help others so they don't go through what I did, or if they have I can at least support them emotionally as a friend.

        Hugs to you as well. Still try and keep up with your writing even if I haven't hung around here that much lately.

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