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View Diary: Senate Gives in on Wiretapping. 16 Dems Go Along. (789 comments)

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  •   16 radicals? (11+ / 0-)

    These years have been odd. Those claiming to be 'moderate' simply will not address or do anything to address the radical assault on our constitutional republic.

    Our system is corrupt and the Democratic party continually disappoints, never offering the proper remedy. They offer voices (aka Russ Feingold) to point out the insanity but never enough to make a legislative difference.
     There is a little corner in my heart, that wants this facade to crumble. Our laws have always been a crock, American Indians know this first hand.

    "I'm living in an age that calls darkness light" Arcade Fire

    by AbsurdEyes on Fri Aug 03, 2007 at 10:11:42 PM PDT

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