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View Diary: Senate Gives in on Wiretapping. 16 Dems Go Along. (789 comments)

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    dangangry, Tober

    The dollar is falling against all of the other currencies.  It may be due to the actions of Greenspan printing dollars at a frenetic pace. You see, China has been buying our debt.  This is why Paulson has made his fourth trip to China asking them to revalue their currency.   Hahahahahha, China has no inclination to do that when she is financing our illegal war.   It's too funny actually.  China is in the driver's seat and Bush sends him there over and over for relief.

    Well California expects 5 million mortgage defaults in 2008.  I hope none of you own stocks in big banks.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


    I will just short the market like Joe Kennedy did just before the depression.

    Who knows, perhaps my family will become famous!!


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