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View Diary: Senate Gives in on Wiretapping. 16 Dems Go Along. (789 comments)

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  •  Obviously, (0+ / 0-)

    You didn't look at the markets on Friday.

    Pure panic.

    Better check up on that "economy".

    •  Actually, I did but (0+ / 0-)

      All time highs will have their corrections.  But the stock market is not the only factor. Growth in the economy, best in years.  Consumer confidence, up. GM, making money again. And I believe that ignoring the 'highs' takes away from the ability to critisize the 'lows'. It's either an important factor or it isn't.

      I wonder if you get my larger point.  Liberals are currently pleased when things go bad for the country as its now under Conservative leadership.  It happens when the shoe is on the other foot I know, but not to nearly the same extent, I believe.  And definitely not to the point of wishing for higher US body counts.

      But I digress...

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