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  •  I did read some of her comments & diaries during (1+ / 0-)
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    the rain today, trying to figure out where she was coming from.  It seemed to be from the land of conspiracy theorists who think we're all going to live off the grid somehow someday.  

    I have actually lived off the grid, and it wasn't a CO2 free life style, as it tended to involve diesel generators, burning wood, propane, kerosene, and windmills (my friends made different choices, but none of them did anything with solar).  I never was able to afford solar, other than the occasional use of the solar shower (water in a black plastic bag, left out to heat on a hot summer day).  Besides, Alaska and Vermont are not the greatest places to set up solar.

    Anyway, back to Joy Busey.  She claims I should know her name from back in the day, but as someone old enough to remember, I don't recognize it at all.

    She claims to have been one of the antinuclear consultants (in her guise as health physicist) who were not allowed to testify during the TMI trial.  If true, it would make her an antinuclear shill, no?  Every expert witness I ever knew got paid, after all, whether they testified or not.

    However, she also claims that her brother was  murdered by the 'nuclear mafia'.  She does not mention the method for said murder, but she claims the rest of her family was 'attacked' as well.

    Maybe it's just me, but that's heavy duty conspiracy stuff.

    Strangely, she has a sister who died of COPD.

    Considering that fossil fuel waste in the air exacerbates COPD, it is likely that her sister's death was hastened by deadly fossil fuel waste, but I could hardly find a peep by her on the subject of crap in the air.  And yet she could perhaps make a claim that her sister was murdered by 'utility moguls' with some accuracy.  This was the closest she came to explaining where she was coming from on fossil fuels. (bolding is mine)

    Utility moguls are smart enough to know that things will change, and we're entirely likely to be back to the 20-year scenario soon - if any of them are dumb enough to try for approval. Of course, we don't have the designs operational or even the prototypes yet, and that's not going to happen for a decade (at least) either. If we commit to new nuclear, it won't make a whit of difference before 2050, and that's too late.

    So no, nuclear is not an issue in the global warming debates. Renewables and decentralization are issues. Plus, it couldn't hurt to actually require coal plants to install those efficient scrubbers that have been available for decades, but which loopholes have prevented on the implimentation end.

    So when NNadir accuses her of not caring about global warming, he is right.  She does not even understand that scrubbers don't remove CO2.

    She has a 17 year old grandson BTW, and we are discussing things from 1979 & 1980. Perhaps her memory is not exact.  I know mine from that era is flawed, and my oldest grandchild is 9.  I surely don't remember the half of the physics I used to know.  

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