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    ...for the list with the info for each one and the district history.  That's what it's all about.

    I started to write a diary -- this seems as unbelievably bad to me as to everyone else, a capitualtion of historic proportions.  Another one, but of the sort that leaves one wondering if there is, after all, a working American government, or just a bloody glue of mean spirited careerists, vengance, cruelty and greed.  Then, heh, I thought that for some folks -- say, oh, a black kid in a prison someplace, or those child lifers profiled by the Guardian the other day, or the countless dead civilians in Iraq -- this would be no surprise.  My endless surprise is a priviledge.

    I do think there's part of me that wants to keep believing that America really didn't vote these bastards into power on the basis of broad agreement with a thoughtless, ugly authoritarian agenda.  That really, somehow, Bush does not represent America.  This does make me chillingly aware that my fondest hopes in that regard are crap, I suppose that's why it has any power to shock at all.


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