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View Diary: Payback Time: FBI Raids Home of Suspected NSA Leaker (277 comments)

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  •  which unconstitutional law? (5+ / 0-)

    Are we talking about what part of the un-Patriot Act II?  Or the Spying on the Fatherland I?

    What part DO you agree with?  Spying?  Blanket searches of all communication in this country?  Maybe you like feeling safer that finally now, a report called "Bad Guy determined to strike America" will show up on the President's desk with enough time to avert catastrophe!  If only we could have know!  Now maybe we can get advanced warning and save the day, right?


    Permanency?  You folks who think this isn't permanent are as clueless as Charlie Brown democrats who think a timeline will be passed, or yet another surge won't be funded...  Keep on trying to kick that freedom football, I hear Webb is serious this time.  No really, trust him.

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