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View Diary: Payback Time: FBI Raids Home of Suspected NSA Leaker (277 comments)

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  •  To answer part of my own question, (7+ / 0-)

    there is this piece that was in Mother Jones.

    Now I recall that detainees were held on a pier in New York. The author of the article in the link said:

    By the following Tuesday, I would be arrested—one of 1,187 persons swept off the streets that night to reassure the Republicans that the city would truly be the fortress they were banking on.

    She describes the area where she was detained.

    For those actually arrested during the convention, police had fashioned a detention center out of an old municipal bus garage at Pier 57 on the Hudson River. That morning of the 31st, United for Peace and Justice had called a press conference, stating, "The building very likely contains asbestos and there are large areas where oil has spilled.... Whether the building has an operable fire-suppression system is an open question.... While the red carpet is being rolled out for the RNC, the situation for arrestees is so bad that many are calling Pier 57 ‘Guantánamo on the Hudson.’"


    Around the perimeter of the garage, police had set up these large chain-link cages for us, topped with razor wire. Each cage had two smaller ones, one for men, one for women, with a water cooler and two portable toilets. There were no chairs, no benches, and everyone in our cage was still cuffed.

    Listen to the deceptive stories the detainees were told to lure them into complacency:

    The police told us to get in a single line and we’d be fine. We got in a line, and then they arrested every one of us.

    We were told as long as we stayed on the sidewalk and kept a pedestrian lane we could march. We stuck to the sidewalk and kept a lane open, but we were arrested anyway.

    The police said Go this way and you’ll be fine. When we did, there was another line of cops: it was a trap.

    They said you can’t put the banner there but you can hold it here; when the guys held it where they were told they were arrested. Then half of us who were there were arrested, and half were not.

    For a while we thought we ought to go out dressed like reporters because then we’d be safe—but look at you!

    From this we know that police and officials will now lie to us to get us to comply with orders in public demonstrations. We now know that arrests and detention are likely, and the types of preparations that have been made. We also now understand that lawyers and journalists are included in sweepups of demonstraters. The call appears to be for police to quell dissent on the part of anyone, even if someone is at a demonstration in an observer status only.

    So I conclude that the government has already made considerable preparations to stifle dissent, and has been prepared to do so for years. It is also apparant that police are willing to use more extreme tactics and confine people under more severe conditions that has been done previously.

    As a result I am prepared to engage in a stronger resistance to the administration because there is only one end to this devolution, and that is a further curtailment of our civil liberties and a further increase in belligerence by our civil authorities towards us. That I will not tolerate.

    New national holiday: Freedom Day 1/20/2009 (too, too far away from today)

    by 4Freedom on Sun Aug 05, 2007 at 01:23:03 PM PDT

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