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    I've seen all kinds here.  More females, certainly, than the image painted of white-males-over-50.  Young, decidedly.  Many retirees (have time to blog).  A homeless woman -- with a job.  People with serious health problems and lost insurance or LOADS of insurance/noncoverage beefs.

    So one thing I suspect is, that the sample is not so much about people who blog on DKos, but people who showed up at YearlyKos.  And that's going to be the people who had the time and money to spend a weekend in a hotel in Chicago, after maybe flying to get there.  THAT'S going to create some selective pressures, I'm sure.

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      over on open left they are data happy and they have been taking surveys.  I never bothered to answer one because I am like "who cares" for the blogs kind of neutralize everyone to "text".  So maybe they didn't answer the surveys either.

      by BobOak on Mon Aug 06, 2007 at 08:42:14 PM PDT

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