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View Diary: Feminisms: Beyond Belonging (132 comments)

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  •  Okay, you are officially: (14+ / 0-)

    Friday or Sunday may be the end of my story.

    not allowed to scare me like that again.

    Yeah, and thanks to you and Elise for dragging me weeping into here.

    My brand of feminism informs me that wherever there are boundaries placed on the human condition, people need to push against those boundaries.  Even when they are not my personal boundaries.

    And that for giving me a reason - although I still think that giving MoodyLoner Korobase one is just. messed. up.

    Not that that's necessarily a deal-breaker, mind you - I hear a major publication has taken an interest in her writing (which is probably all rumor, so I won't dignify it with "details") which might wind up with her having just as much of a real life as I do.

    Belonging? Yeah, that's what I can't get over here - the Great Orange Satan is one of the few places I can belong. And I don't have to roll up a character or come up with a scenario.

    Unless, of course, y'all want me to.

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