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    Any linux heads out there have a way to setup an auto-faxer?  I would like to setup my system to keep sending faxes without me actually having to babysit and physically DO the faxing.  I want to write up my fax message and then set it to running and fax Waxman every 30 minutes or so indefinitely...

    •  I can give you the general steps... (5+ / 0-)
      • Find and set up a Linux-compatible fax-capable modem. Note the device name the modem is assigned (something like /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/modem)
      • Install a utility for sending faxes. I'd look at HylaFAX because it has a program to let you send a fax from the command line. It's probably available in your Linux distribution's package manager.
      • Configure HylaFAX to use the modem device you determined above.
      • Learn how to use "sendfax", the command-line utility that comes with HylaFAX. Check out this page for a little more information, and see the manual page for sendfax(1) after you install HylaFAX ("man 1 sendfax" from the command line). Basically, you need to prepare a document (maybe in OpenOffice), export it to PDF format, then use "sendfax" to send the fax.
      • Test sending a fax to somebody you know to ensure it goes through. If you don't know anybody, you can look into this free service that lets you set up a phone number you can receive faxes and voicemail to (it converts them to e-mail attachments and sends them to you.)
      • Once it works, you can type up a script that repeatedly calls "sendfax" to send your fax out. Create a text file called "" with the following:
        while [ $i -lt 3 ]
          sendfax -n -d 1-202-225-4099 sternly_worded_letter.pdf
          sleep 30m

        As written, this should send the file "sternly_worded_letter.pdf" to the DC fax number you provided above three times, each sending being 30 minutes apart. Feel free to tweak. You can add another copy of that sendfax line with the CA number to have it go to both numbers, for example, or change "3" to "20" on the "while" line to make it run 20 times. You can do interesting things with "sleep" as well -- "sleep 1h; sleep 30m" will make this wait an hour and a half between sends, for example.
      • Set the "execute" permission for "" -- this can be done from the command line by going into the directory containing "" and typing "chmod +x".
      • When you're ready to rock, go into the directory containing "", type "./", and press Enter. Please keep an eye on it to make sure it does what you expect -- Ctrl-C should stop the script, but if all else fails unplug your modem and read the log file to see what happened (they might be in "/var/spool/hylafax/log", but this is configuration-dependent).

      That should about cover it. Hopefully this isn't too technical, but I think the HylaFAX documentation is pretty good. Watch your phone bill, and good luck.

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