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    Glenn in NYC

    Have people forgotten how Henry Waxman has been having all these hearings and how much criminality he's exposed already? No single House representative other than John Conyers has been more responsible for getting Bush scandals into the news and exposing the cult of loyal Bushies.
    People suggesting that he's being blackmailed, or working for Rove, or that it's all a sham, need to get a grip; if that was the case, he wouldn't have held the hearings in the first place, and he'd be sounding an awful lot like a certain Senator from Connecticut.

    Oh yeah, and digby has always spoken highly of him. Listen to digby.

    Yes, I'm surprised--IF the paraphrase is accurate--that he didn't know about inherent contempt. It's a mistake on his part. People sometimes make mistakes, serious ones. Guess what? It's repairable. Now that he knows about it, he can use it.

    We should definitely pursue every possible avenue to make sure Waxman--and his staff--know now about the inherent contempt power and make sure that they are going to use it. (That means that people who are posting angry comments here could drop a line-- keeping it firm but polite--to Waxman's office.) But, Jesus--a possibly paraphrased report about one question and people are lighting torches and collecting tar & feathers? We can criticize Waxman while keeping in mind all that he's done so far to expose Bush's criminality.

    Dori: My temperature is 94 degrees. I'm dead. Me: You're not dead. You just didn't leave the thermometer in long enough. Dori: I'm dead.

    by StanBlather on Thu Aug 09, 2007 at 12:01:15 PM PDT

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