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View Diary: Obama Leads McCain Among Iowa Republicans (118 comments)

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    and deserves several diaries and lots of analysis.  Seriously.  

    How the hell is Obama, who many have said is a fluke/shooting star, now outpolling the initial Republican front-runner?...amongst Republican primary voters, no less.

    Certainly, this diary helps shatter the myth that the Clintonistas are promoting that claims Obama "can't win the general."  

    If anything, Hillary is the only thing that can unite the frustrated Republican voters to support their sorry candidates.  Check out this conservative blogger, who wonders not IF Hillary will unite the dispirited conservatives, but WHEN:

    Coming on the heels of the YouTube debate fight, YearlyKos has sparked a lively conversation on the right about what needs to be done to reinvigorate our movement online. The leading lights on this are Mark Tapscott, Soren Dayton, Amanda Carpenter, and Robert Bluey.

    A common thread is that the other shoe won’t likely drop until we have Hillary to unite against. I’d like to pick apart that assumption.

    The basic assumption is sound. The online right was ascendant in the Clinton years, just as the online left was in the Bush years. Opposition galvanizes political movements, and not just online.

    My question is when does this kick in? When Hillary becomes the nominee? Or if she becomes President? A lot of people are hoping many of these issues will work themselves out on February 6th when the Hillary menace will start to stare conservatives in the face. I’ve expressed that hope too.

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