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    I mean, having the governor of Ohio on a presidential ticket makes good strategic sense, sure, but then, I've long heard the governor of Pennsylvania generically mentioned as a running mate—for both parties.  Rendell and Casey for the Democrats, Tom Ridge for the Republicans.  It's never happened, but it would be theoretically smart.

    I like Strickland, and I think he'd be good for a running mate.  That said, considering how much the governor of Pennsylvania's been generically talked about, I'm not so sure it'll happen.  But I wouldn't mind.

    Another state that would have a generically good governor to pick as a running mate is Michigan.  Having its governor as a running mate would take it out of play and put it in your column, be you Democrat or Republican.  Talk about getting Engler on the Bush ticket in 2000 dried up when McCain won the Michigan primary, and current Governor Granholm isn't a possibility because she was born in Canada (otherwise, I'm sure her name would be on all Democrats' short lists.)

    Still, if that story turns out to be accurate, well, I hope you'll forgive me for offering to drive Governor Strickland's moving van from Columbus to Washington...

    A conservative is just a liberal who hasn't needed a second chance yet.

    by Larry McAwful on Thu Aug 09, 2007 at 09:10:56 PM PDT

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