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  •  How about a Book? (2+ / 0-)
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    A Siegel, chapter1

    Have you folks considered shopping EA as a book? It really could be modified to that format, and would do wonders for getting the non-blogging public aware of the plan. With the existing knowledge and buzz from the blog world, I would think you folks could easily get reviews in the majors (NYT, WaPo, etc...) and resulting serious sales.

    You could even kick a percentage of the proceeds to next year's Netroots Nation budget.

    •  That was a burnout issue ... (8+ / 0-)

      We could have taken the 2006 presentation and walked into a book, quite easily, but ... Jerome went on vacation and then ... The rest of us each had challenges and issues far less serious than Jerome's but ...

      Well, we are looking toward this in the coming year.

      But, to be honest, the priority is on our legislative opportunity.

      But, a book could (a) help change the dialogue and (b) provide lessons for others hoping to follow an 'open source' path.

      And, I must say, the 100s of diaries, the 10,000s of posts, and the 1000s (if not 10,000s) of emails provide a pretty hefty set of material to work with.

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