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View Diary: LA-Sen: Another GOP recruitment failure (48 comments)

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  •  Boasso (1+ / 0-)
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    I really feel he is the only one with big enough balls to take on the Army Corp of Engineers.  I hope he plans on pulling the water management system from the ACOE and putting it out for international bid.  He is a Katrina victim from St. Bernard and has numerous international dealings, as well as $60 million from the sale of his company.  Rumor is Nagin is going to run.  The way I see it is Nagin takes the black vote, Campbell Foster takes N LA and Boasso the cajuns and Katrina/Rita victims.  This is a way to force Jindal into a runoff, when you divide up the vote, he will only get 25% to 30% of the hard core kool aid drinkers.

    •  nagin is not running (2+ / 0-)
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      collegekid318, homoaffectional

      by god, I'll park myself on his lawn with picket signs noon 'til night. if he announces.

      he does not have the black vote locked up.  all the upper crust blacks, well most of them, could care less for nagin.  nagin won on the 9th ward vote.

      I do a lot of work with the middle and upper class blacks in new orleans and I didn't know one who supported nagin.  and he's such a turd still that he infuriates everyone.  He only has barely 30% approval in new orleans right now.  

      which means none of the whites and half of the blacks.

      when the group who is pitching the presidential debates was hosting the debate commission in town one of the black ladies I know who was involved said her group nearly blew their top with nagin.  he ditty-bopped in twenty minutes late as if this did not apply to him, didn't have prepared remarks, looked and sounded like an all around schmuck-head.

      the group was furious and knows if we get passed over for the debates it's because nagin ruined it.

      •  Fancy Man/Dandy (0+ / 0-)

        My grandmother would call Nagin a dandy or fancy man.  Nagin met with Howard Dean a while ago and I am just thinking that a deal was cut with Nagin to force Jindal into a runoff.  In 2004 Vitter barely won the 51% over Chris John.  I live in Bitter Vitter territory and truly believe this happened because of "minders' at the polls and Diebold.  Even in Bitter Vitter's beloved Metairie, he was not as respected as the media portrayed, even before the brothel scandal.  His Metairie base=WW2 generation are dying off rapidly due to Katrina stress and that is where he received a lot of his donations.  Believe it or not "retired" was his highest ranking industry donation according to Open Secrets.

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