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  •  Talibangelicals aren't real Christians. (2+ / 0-)
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    dogemperor, ER Doc

    Sadly, they actually know that, and therefore will lie and smear and distort unto the end of their days, knowing that for these vile lies they will be cast into the outer darkness. But not forever.

    Later on, the real God takes power.

    He's awesome.

    •  Well noted. (3+ / 0-)
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      alizard, ybruti, protectspice

      I've not been a practicing Christian for well over a decade, but I also know there are a hell of a lot of Christians who get it and also don't agree with dominionism at all.

      (Yes, there is a very conscious reason why I've not referred to dominionism as "Christian".  If anything, it is simply a coercive group with "Bible-based" wrapping--peel away that, you see the same rotten core as you do when you peel away the bad space opera from Scientology.)

    •  And as a side note... (5+ / 0-)

      ...yes, I have had some of my friends of the Christian persuasion outright call dominionists the "spirit of the Antichrist", so you aren't alone in that.

      I'm not really sure I believe in a god or a devil at this point (if anything, I'm a deist pagan :D--if God is out there, he's doing a very good job of leaving things well alone, and I've become all too convinced of humanity's inner capacity for evil to wonder if a devil is all that necessary) but I can definitely see the viewpoint at any rate.

    •  Unfortunately, the end (1+ / 0-)
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      of their days may well coincide with the end of our days if they manage to provoke Armageddon with the help of Bu$hCo.
         It will be just swell when the real god takes power over the smoking ruins of what was once the earth, eh?

    •  They are Christians but they are not (5+ / 0-)

      followers of Jesus. The Pharisees always take over from the Avatar. This battle has gone for many centuries with all religions. The Pharisee types kill the Avatar and the Avatar's followers become Pharisee types. The only choice we have in every moment of every days is whether to act out of love or fear. All the Avatars(Jesus, Buddha, St Frances etc) all said to choose love. The followers always eventually choose fear because the leaders cannot control others with love.  

      "If standing up for the Constitution and rule of law is a "stunt," then I'll take it."

      by Jlukes on Sun Aug 12, 2007 at 05:30:46 AM PDT

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