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    Every time I've seen a really bizarre post of late (like people saying 'the poor can 'go to hell', they brought it on themselves.) I've found an author with no diaries, a really high user id, and sometimes a web link in a user profile to some far right 'bash all moonbats' website.

    I outed one the other day who had stated on his site that he was going to make trouble on dK for all the 'moonbats' infesting this 'hellhole'.  Came back and checked his website a day later and in typical Billo style, he was claiming 'everyone here got all pissy' and he was calling us 'lefterds' repeatedly but was upset that I called him a troll.  Then he claimed that we 'wouldn't debate' him and 'censored him'.

    He actually had a dozen or so replies to his back and forth asinine posts from people pointing out the flaws in his 'logic', not a single troll rating, and the only posts that said Troll were mine, in which I told people to quit wasting their time and posted his own link to the website article where he said he was coming here to stir up trouble.

    Got a problem with my posts? Email me, and let's resolve it.

    by drbloodaxe on Sun Aug 12, 2007 at 09:34:39 AM PDT

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