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  •  SOMBODY should be fighting this fight (3+ / 0-)
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    if not Cindy Sheehan.  I admire Cindy, greatly.  She has taken her loss and turned it into a crusade allowing others to attach their hopes for change to her renown.  But ultimately Cindy is a mom coping with a loss the best way she can.

    So, if Cindy is not the one to take the fight to Speaker Pelosi and not the one to force the Speaker to admit that she is failing the country, failing the people, failing the Constitution, failing the Democratic Party, failing her oath of office...then who is going to step up and take the mantle of the challenge from the Gold Star mom?

    We had such high hopes in January as a flurry of new Democrats entered Congress, taking the majority in both houses, and electing Nancy Pelosi as the first woman House Speaker.  The Congressional track record of the past 7-8 months is littered with one Democratic failure after another.   With the failure to hold Bush accountable in any way, and the failure to allow impeachment to move forward, the face that will most strongly be tied to these failures is that of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  

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