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View Diary: Dominionism and child abuse, part 2 (72 comments)

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  •  why are Dominionists compelled to prey on ... (6+ / 0-)

    ... the helpless?

    because it strikes me that these exact same tactics can be seen in hospital wards and medical facilities across the country populated by the physically disabled and the elderly.

    and a basic compulsion among Dominionists would explain why they're so determined to infantilize women and workers, and dissemble various organizations devoted to women's and workers' rights and the like.

    also explains why they hate Social Security and welfare programs - the more oldsters they have living on catfood and the more single moms unable to feed their families, the more people the Dominionists have to despise and prey on.

    yeesh. child abuse, yes. but there's a pathology here that extends beyond child abuse and that doesn't just have its roots in child abuse.

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