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    I hope that mcjoan won't mind me doing this, and I apologize in advance. Please know that I don't announce stuff like this lightly: the Group News Blog (the continuation of Steve Gilliard's News Blog) has a new podcast series called Vet's Eye View, that I write about here

    It's 2 vets and a civilian having a discussion about Iraq - truth and lies - that's meant for people who don't know a lot about war in general and this one in particular. kind of a punditantidote.

    We're hoping it will be useful for regular folks who know that something is very wrong, but don't have a lot of blog reading time as they try to put food on the table.

    thanks for your patience.

    Join us at Fighting Liberals in honor of Gilly!

    by Terri on Tue Aug 14, 2007 at 02:52:06 PM PDT

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