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  •  Bush the greatest President of All-time. (4+ / 0-)

    That will be their next headline.
    Think for a moment, what Republican President do all the Republican candidates at least once a debate refer to, "Ronald The Great Reagan".  By all republican standards George has far surpassed Ronny and should be considered the greatest republican president to date. Let’s review the facts.

    The real standards republicans use to measure their Presidents are the following:
    (Please remember we only have space for a few highlights, these lists and there support would fill volumes.)

    1)The amount of worldwide destruction and terror their administration caused; Reagan Iran-Contra, Bush Iraq war, Afghanistan War, worldwide terror squads.  Winner Bush hands down, his day Reagan/ Old Bushes admin was number 1.

    1. The amount of despair and hopelessness caused to the greatest majority of free Americans by; not raising minimum wage, shifting the tax burden to the middle class, cutting social programs; OK I’ll concede this one is a tie, they are both number 1..

    3)Allowing the most corporate fraud; (critical category to major party donors) Winner Bush hands down, his day Reagan/(Old Bushes admin was number 1.

    4)Spreading propaganda and destroying Americans freedom and liberty; once again Winner Bush hands down, his day Reagan/ Old Bushes admin was number 1.

    5)Finally who maintained the largest most wasteful military budgets while cutting the most social programs and created the greatest amount of deficit spending, yes boys and girl this is the corner stone of any successful modern republican president; Well by now this must sound like a broken record; Winner Bush hands down, Bushes old man number 2, Bushes old mans first term/Reagan’s term) number 3 .

    As close as I can tell the reason the Bush administration decided to declare the most horrific terror attack of all-time on the Iraqi people which they titled, "Shock and Awe" was because Rupert Murdoch had convinced the Bush administration that he needed to help England and finish the crusades. Actually I’m not sure about that last statement but it makes about as much sense as the corporate/white house/free press stories regarding the most needless, costly, and unjust war in the United States history.

    PS. I just recently heard that Bush (now number 2) is about to surpass Reagan and become number 1 in the most vacation days taken during a Presidency.  Bush is the greatest.  

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