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    There has to be a business model and standards to support this but it is a workable idea. Once again it avoids censorship because the user can decide who he or she trusts as an authentication provider.

    It's all new territory, for sure! And you're right, as many have pointed out. We have to be cognizant of ALL info we take in, regardless of the source. Kids doing book reports, though, do not take that kind of time. Stick a 'pedia at the end of it, and boom--to them, it's instant credibility (though God help them if they're doing a book report on O'Liarhead). Yes, parents are responsible in part, to teach their kids to be more discerning, but that doesn't always happen.

    There's a post out here referencing "the Pet Goat" and GWB. That's a great example of the kinds of things I've seen out there:

    Not only was criticism of Bush largely knocked out of the main Bush article, but now there's an argument over whether even mentioning "The Pet Goat" is allowable: "The choice of lesson plan material chosen by the teacher is not notable with regard to criticism of Bush."

    I wonder how long that "discussion" went on, if it's even completed? How many changes to the actual entry took place before some arbitrary decision was made by someone:

    "Not notable with regard to criticism of Bush"

    ?? Maybe, maybe not. One wonders if there's an entry regarding "criticism of a Secret Service who allowed their charge to sit in an open classroom in a school where the location had been publicly disclosed to the media, during a surprise attack on American soil". One can also now wonder if such an entry would be permitted or even necessary?

    I really like your idea--it's just a matter of "who would be the trusted source of authentication". It's a step in the right direction...

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    by o the umanity on Wed Aug 15, 2007 at 12:33:50 PM PDT

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