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View Diary: Fox News Scrubs Wikipedia (UPDATED) (298 comments)

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  •  Their computer stuff isn't TOO bad, but. (0+ / 0-)

    In most areas, Wikipedia ... does not come through. Wikipedia's insistence on ignoring peoples' credentials means that experts end up arguing their own fields with teenagers-- and on Wiki, it's the LAST edit that wins, so it really boils down to "who has more time to waste fighting over this?" (Hint: It won't be the guy who has three papers to peer-review and five zillion Drosophila to dissect.) The fact that the Wikipedia admin community consists of those people who have had NOTHING to do, except fight about things in Wikipedia, for YEARS... well.

    It was a nice idea, but it's doomed now. Hopefully one or more of the Noah's Ark-type projects based on snapshots of their database will work out. has a couple of threads describing particular atrocities that have occured.

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