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    "Traditional" media is as irrelevant and privileging a description as is "Mainstream" media.

    What we're talking about is corporate mass media. The difference between corporate mass media and, say, blogs or any other alternative media is mainly that they're corporate, in ownership and therefore in agenda, and the alternatives are generally not. Though some suicidal noncorporate media are indeed corporate in agenda, as fascists are stupid.

    But the much more important difference is between mass vs interactive media. The whole communications, therefore social, therefore worldview model of mass media is a oneway direction of information. Mass media tells you what to think. When it's truly massive, you're surrounded, immersed in a mediasphere that also surrounds you with people who have succumbed to it. Mass media eliminates choices, eliminates alternatives, eliminates chances to think about the message. It just forces the message into your head until you accept it and act on its instructions.

    Interactive media gives you the power. It requires you to make choices, to define the path through the messages. It's freedom. And that's why corporations aren't as good at it as are humans.

    Of course interactive media can be rigged by corporations or other bad system gamers, just as the mass media has always been. The choices can be limited to control outcomes into narrow, even false, alternatives. Much as the Party system has rigged our interactive voting "media". We can just be inundated by rigged interactive media, with its coordinated promotion by the rigged mass media. But at least interactive media has a chance for freedom. While the  corporate mass media has a lock on tyranny.

    We're just waking up to these essential distinctions. Soon enough, the  "corporate mass media" will be familiar enough that it will be called "CMM", rather than just "MSM", or "ABCNNBCBSFox". And by then I hope that the CMM will be outside the mainstream, so when we think of media we think of "interactive", and look at CMM as archaic as is the telegraph.

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - HST

    by DocGonzo on Wed Aug 15, 2007 at 09:14:50 AM PDT

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