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  •  Bravo, Kos (from a 'traditional media' guy) (1+ / 0-)
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    Bravo, Markos (from a traditional media guy).

    Your reasoning runs parallel to the reasoning I've used to reject the term 'citizen journalism'reject the term 'citizen journalism' to describe reporting done by those not employed as journalists.

    Professional journalists are citizens. Typically, they are deeply patriotic and care greatly about informing a kind and just society. But empirical journalists are today locked in battle with critics, citizens, politicians and hucksters who would rather substitute the "journalism" of assertion, innuendo and ideology over the journalism of reporting, verification, evidence and trial.

    'Traditional' journalism can mean two things: Those who publish in the 'traditional' offline media... or those who perform under the 'traditional' empirical reporting, as opposed to the fake journalism of Fox News, right-wing talk radio and most newspapers' Op-Ed pages.

    The second type of 'traditional' journalist needs your help. If we screw something up, help us set the record straight, using strong empirical evidence. But don't forget that a strong, independent and accurate press is a true progressive's best friend and ally over the long haul.

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