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View Diary: ME-Sen: Susan Collins wants terrorist attack on SF (235 comments)

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    Reading the front page'd MaineWebReport story claiming that the "Arthur Frain" poster is a troll, I noted this statement:

    Numerous commenters have echoed Kos’s sentiment, but there’s a big problem here for Kos- his supposed ‘hate’ comment is a plant. I matched his IP address to another comment on my site, here they are:


    Name: Arthur Frain, Portland ME | E-mail: | IP:

    You know what this country needs? Another terrorist attack. Take out SF or some other city full of dirty libs, and then the country will rally behind the GOP for protection.

    Posted Aug 14, 7:58 PM | Edit Comment | Delete Comment | Edit Post "Desperately Stalking Susan" | View Post

    Name: Jason in Maine | E-mail: | IP:

    Wow, Collins must be getting desperate if she’s allying herself with such wackjob extremists and serial liars as Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilley.

    Allen’s campaign hasnt even started yet, and she’s already this desperate!!

    Too bad for Collins that Mainers have noticed her lockstep support for George W Bush. Not only does she support his failed policies, she oversees them via her role in DHS and its huge failures.

    Silly stunts like this aren’t going to fool anyone, and they aren’t going to slow down Allen’s campaign. If anything, it will give it a boost.

    Posted Jul 20, 1:02 PM | Edit Comment | Delete Comment | Edit Post "JetBlue dumps sponsorship of Tom Allen fundraiser blog" | View Post

    Same IP address, same person.

    That's not entirely true.  I ran a lookup on the IP address that was given and it's a RoadRunner address.  And, according to RoadRunner Support they do not support static IP addresses.

    So given that the original poster's IP address is likely dynamic - and taking the two given posts are dated weeks apart - the statement "Same IP address, same person" is wrong.

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