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  •  update from the Ohio Democratic Party (3+ / 0-)
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    Quick on their feet, the Ohio Democratic Party released the following press release slamming a Petro candidacy:

       News accounts report that Congresswoman Deborah Pryce will announce that she will not run for Congress in Ohio's 15th Congressional District. So, which Jim Petro will run for Congress?

       Is it the Jim Petro who was under FBI Investigation?

       Is it the Jim Petro who ignored the Securities and Exchange Commission's warnings that Ohio Worker's Compensation investors were being ripped off and let the Noe CoinGate scandal occur right under his nose?

       Is it the Jim Petro that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission found violated his staff's civil rights by not promoting and hiring them based on race?

       Is it the Jim Petro who was the Cuyahoga County Commissioner? Note: It is more than a 2 hour drive from Cuyahoga County to central Ohio where the 15th is located.

       Is it the Jim Petro who lurched to the right to combat Ken Blackwell in the Republican Primary for Governor?

    The world is so cold and the rhythm is your blanket, wrap yourself up in it, if you love it then you'll thank it.

    by Ajax the Greater on Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 11:29:00 AM PDT

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